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And that’s why you’re able to train yourself to perform more confidently…

Someone calls out your name and you turn around instantly.   Even the sight of the restaurant makes you feel hungry.   Hearing that song makes you smile.   It’s amazing how occurrences in the outside world can make us respond in such a variety of different ways.   When it comes to performance, this
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Are you really only as good as your last performance?

  “You are only as good as your last performance”. Yet another well-known performer came out with this this in an interview the other day.   This is the somewhat unhealthy belief that your most recent experience both limits and defines who you are.   It’s like saying you’re only as intelligent as the last
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What do you want to achieve over the next year?
Think like Jessica Ennis-Hill & Roger Federer not like Homer Simpson

It’s that time of year when people look back and reflect over the past year and begin looking forward to the year ahead.  People often ask you about your New Years resolutions and debate whether setting them is even a good idea.   Whatever your plans are for the next year – whatever is particularly
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What did Andy Murray say after he won Wimbledon? How driving your car home without realising it gets better results than returning to learning to read

Federer playing tennis. Sinatra singing. Eddie Izzard doing stand-up. Witnessing someone who is highly skilled in full flow is incredibly engaging and compelling. That state of flow that enables someone to deliver seemingly effortless results is an amazing skill.   And there are occasions where it’s so important to get results. That’s what makes the
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