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Musicians spend thousands of hours developing their technical and musical abilities in order to enhance their performance.

And the way you use your mind will determine the quality of results you produce at every stage of the process.

The classic example is your ability to perform at your best when it really matters.

Of course, the fact it really matters is often what stops someone from performing the way they actually can.


The solution to this isn't always obvious, which is why not everyone works it out on their own.

There is one key factor that makes the difference in this situation and every other...

Your beliefs about how skilled you are. 

Any skilled musician is always looking to develop. 

As a result, it’s easy for them to get the impression that they never quite ‘get there’ – that it’s never quite ‘good enough’.

So a skilled musician who's developing may actually believe they're never good enough. 

And your beliefs about how skilled you are will influence every area of your life….


  • What you think is possible for you in the future

  • The results you produce whilst practising and performing


  • How you respond to other people’s opinions of your performance


  • How confident you are in developing your own sound, style and way of expressing yourself


  • How well you perform under pressure


  • How you respond if you’re not yet getting the results you want

  • And perhaps, most importantly, how much you enjoy life as a musician


If you want to learn more about your mind and performance, I've written a number of articles including:

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During sessions we'll work on developing your skills and abilities in a number of key areas... read more