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“Your insights were very useful as was your remarkable drawing out my creative process. The latter was a fascinating, mysterious experience and has given me very powerful tools which I am applying already.”


James Burrell, composer for various BBC TV series

“I started working with Mike after the London 2012 Olympics, having had a disappointing games. I had always known that your mental strength in sport was just as important as your physical ability but until I had met Mike, I didn’t know how to train or use my mind efficiently. Through the training and skills I have learned with Mike, I now see myself differently as an athlete and know I can perform the way I want to at any competition. Now over a year on, after completing my most successful season to date, I am still working with Mike!”


Eilidh Doyle, Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic medalist

"To someone watching a workshop, the results are instantly audible and visible. Clearly the students are really put on the spot in front of their peers...but it is also clear that within moments of working with Mike Cunningham they are put at ease and are happier with what they are feeling and hearing."


Classical Music Magazine

Jumping off a 10 metre diving board is very scary and can instantly make you think negatively if something doesn't feel right, but Mike gave me techniques to instantly switch my way of thinking and this is a brilliant tool when on the competition stage.”

Peter Waterfield, Commonwealth Silver and Gold medalist & Olympic Silver medalist

"Thank you for a very informative and enlightening presentation. You managed to engage the audience right through with your ideas which were certainly of great interest and relevance to our musicians. I hope to have you back again soon."


Mary Cosgrave, Professional Relations Manager, Royal College of Music

Mike changes your focus so that you can go back to really just enjoying being completely in the music.”


Magdalena Hoffmann, harp semi-finalist, ARD competition 2016 

I benefited hugely from our sessions. When faced with high-pressure situations I was able to calm my mind and center my focus using the skills that Mike had taught me. It enabled me to increase my confidence levels and get the best out of myself when competing at the highest level.”

Jemma Simpson, Olympic athlete

“Mike Cunningham has an innate understanding of the challenges performers face. He’s developed a unique set of highly effective techniques to help performers face and overcome those challenges. I can highly recommend Mike”

Jody Dunleavy, Former Head of Press, EMI

"Mike has a thorough understanding of the connection between the mind and performance at an elite level."

Neil Kapoor, Winner of the British Young Tennis Coach of the Year Award 2009 from the Lawn Tennis Association & Tennis UK